DeLallo: Calamata Olives, 5.8 Oz

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Famous Greek olives with a distinct almond shape and purple hue, boasting a complex tart and tangy flavor and semi-firm bite. An exceptional entertaining item perfectly paired with feta, hummus, grape leaves and other Greek flavors. As a bold and flavorful gourmet ingredient, Calamata Olives are an exciting way to perk up pizzas and flatbreads, pasta dishes (both hot and cold), leafy green salads, Greek-style dips, baked chicken recipes and more.
  • Beloved Greek olive with an exquisite dark purple hue and almond shape.
  • Complex, intense flavors: tart, tangy, briny and smoky.
  • Naturally cured, brine packed.
  • Super snacking and entertaining olive with gourmet appeal.