DeLallo: Oil Olive Extra Virgin, 16.9 Oz

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DeLallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an authentic 100% Italian cold-extracted olive oil made with four varieties of Italian-grown olives harvested in the hot, sun-soaked landscapes of Southern Italy. Selected for their complementary flavor profiles, each variety comes together to create a superior olive oil with a fruity, fragrant resulting oil is a superior olive oil with a bright fruity flavor, fragrant aroma and light peppery finish. To maintain a true olive flavor, olives are cold-pressed, using no heat or chemicals to extract.
  • Made with only Italian-grown, handpicked olives with the same country of origin, ensuring top quality color, flavor and texture.
  • Every batch is tested to guarantee quality, consistency and authenticity.
  • Cold pressed, or extract.ed without the use of heat or chemicals for a fresh raw olive flavor.
  • A heart-healthy essential of the Mediterranean diet, high in good fats and antioxidants.